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Ebony Dolphus was born October 28, 1983. She is the daughter of  Nita and Warren Dolphus of Atlanta, Georgia. Being the daughter of musically blessed parents, it gave Ebony a strong love for music.


Ebony's, music development has always played a major factor in her spiritial and professional development. Her vocal range spands from Soprano to Contralto.


 Ebony was a very faithful member of her college gospel choir singing & traveling locally  from 2003 - 2007.


Ms. Dolphus has been singing for the Lord in numerous choir's since childhood, she has recently developed a passion for helping our young express themsevles through rap, dance, and in song.


Ebony has been supporting her mother's dream, and vision of helping her complete her first music  project. By assisting Nita & Zamarr, Ebony has developed and sharpened her craft of music on many levels. 


Ebony sings background for Nita & Zamarr, but she also creatively contributed as co - writer & composer for many songs that will be featured on this



Evangenlist Tracy Carzell is a native of Atlanta, GA, where she is a graduate of Spellman University, with a major in Vocal Music Theory.


Ms. Carzell is under the leadership of Apostle Mary D. Lawrence & The Victory International Phrophetic Ministries in Riverdale, GA .


Tracy is the founder of Alabaster Box Ministries, which minsters to the broken; She also has established "Least Of These Ministries, which ministers to the homeless and downtrotten. Ms.Carzell also has a radio Broadcast called "Overcoming Testimonies".


Evangelist Carzell performs stand up comedy in her spare time as the character , Sista Dipsie "A" Doodle. Ms. Carzell is also the Author of two books, "Covered" & "His Words".


Ms. Tracy Carzell  also has a Vines City Community Outreach Newsletter, which seeks to help the social needs of our city, Atlanta, GA.


Donnia Turner is originally from Fort Valley, Georgia and was born to Donnie and the late Ida McCrary. She was born into a God fearing and musically talented family. Her mother, grandmother, aunt and sister all had musical gifts and were not afraid to sing God's praises.


She gave her life to Christ at a early age and became very active in her home church - Richland Baptist Church, where she sung in the choir along side her mother and sister and served on the usher board.


Donnia became active in her campus ministry, where she shared Christ with others. She obtained a Bachelor's degree in Psychology in 2005 and later a Masters in Higher Education Administration from Georgia Southern University.


Donnia married and relocated to the Atlanta Metropolitan area, where She joined  iThrive Christian Church, under the the leadership of Senior Pastor Andre Landers. She currently sings alto with the Praise Team & Mass Choir.


She currently resides in McDonough, GA with her husband - Garfael and their two beautiful daughters - Gabrielle and Olivia. Donnia loves singing and sharing the love of Christ through song.


JoAnn was born & raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where  as a teenager she began singing in her church choir at Bethel Pentecostal Church in Michigan.


Ms. Fleming relocated as a young adult to Washington D.C. where she became a member of Miracle of Faith Center. There JoAnn used her gifts serving on the Praise & Worship Team & directing the Choir!


JoAnn remained  in the D.C. area and became a member of "The Percy Johnson & Eternal Life Ensemble"!  She has been a featured Mezzo-Soprano Artist for many programs on Radio Stations in and around the D.C. and PA area.

 JoAnn soon relocated to Atlanta, GA., where she is now a member of Impact Church of Atlanta, where her Pastor is Rev Olu Brown.  


Ms. Flemming has been under the tutoreledge of some very notable Gospel Singers, such as Sheldon Beasley.


But most of all singing, praising God and sharing the love she has for Jesus Christ with others is her heart's desire!

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Tracey Jones was born and raised in Atlanta Ga. to her parents Floyd and Eula Jones Sr. She is single with no kids and has devoted her life to the talents and gifts God has placed within her. She has always been known to be the one to put a smile on your face in your darkest hour. Her words of encouragement and laughter penetrates and lifts your very soul. She is a member of New Vision Christian Church where she has been a  member 8 years serving on the Praise and drama Team.

With   determination,   a   dream   and   a   vision, Tracey decided   at   the   age   of   40   to   return   to   school to   get a college degree. Her struggles were many, while she lost her father and brother eight months a part in 2012,God still gave her strength to keep pressing forward. She was so determined not to be defeated by the devil she received two degrees. A Bachelor's degree in business from Covenant College and a master’s degree in Healthcare Management from National American University.However, her passion has always been to minister through song. She has served in various, choirs, groups,and ensembles all over the country.  Gospel has been her genre of choice because she believes that through gospel music God's spirit still heals, delivers, and sets free

In   addition, Tracey was   a   member   of   James   Pull in   &   Remnant   of   Atlanta   Ga.   for   thirteen   years. They were blessed to travel the world and spread the goodness of Jesus through song. Remnant sung for a diverse audience such as Delta, Moe’s, Rock and Roll hall of fame Heart, R&B artist Kem, Barry Manilow, and a host of others. The one thing that this journey called life has taught Tracey is that she cannot live without Jesus! He is everything to her and without him she is nothing!Life has not always been sweet, but Tracey is a firm believer that nothing is too hard for God and that he will do what he said he will do! She has always stood on the word of God and believes that he will bring her out of ANY situation. Her motto is, if he said it, I believe it, and that settles it

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